About Us

About Us

“We want to inspire, empower and motivate you to continually take the steps to be at your physical best.”

Training is a multilateral process that takes dedication, hard work and sacrifice in order to reach the highest level of performance possible. We want to contribute to your journey in striving to achieve this.

About Dingo Sandbags

Dingo Sandbags is an Australian-owned and operated company. Our core product is sandbags, complemented by education and training programs, which provide our customers with a unique, flexible and versatile training experience.

Our Mission

We are sandbag training specialist; our mission is to deliver the world’s strongest sandbags and expert training systems that will inspire, empower and motivate our customers to be at their physical best.

Sandbags Fit-For-Purpose

Sandbags are a multi-functional training tool that have infinite exercise options to complement any fitness training program. Our training systems cater for beginners to advanced level athletes; our bags are made “fit-for-purpose” to withstand heavy abuse as required particularly within our advanced level training systems.