Sandbag and Bodyweight General Physical Conditioning Program

About this Program

This 4-week program is for general physical conditioning. It contains 6 workouts that equate to one cycle (Micro Cycle) and then this Micro Cycle is completed 3 times over which then completes the Meso Cycle. Many athletes would do this type of muscle endurance and conditioning type of training as a way of preparing their energy systems, muscles and connective tissue for ongoing and sport specific physical preparation. For general population clients who are looking to build lean muscle mass, lose fat and improve cardiac output then this will most certainly help you to achieve all of that. Additionally, when performing the exercises with excellent technique there will be other life improvements that will take place such as increased flexibility / mobility, more energy, better moods, sleep quality to name a few.

Below are weight recommendations for filling your sandbags. If you are just starting out or have been away for a long time, we suggest starting on the light end of the scale and you may also want to spread the program out over 6 weeks. In a 6-week period you will do 3 workouts per week which means it will take 2 weeks to complete one micro cycle and then just repeat 3 times in total. In your second cycle try to increase your volume from what you did in your first cycle e.g. increase weight by a little bit or increase repetitions by a little bit or increase the amount of time you work for (or decrease the amount of time you rest) … Then do the same thing again from cycle 2 to cycle 3.

Weight Recommendations

  • Women 7kg to 15kg
  • Men 10kg to 20kg
  • Beasts 25kg to 30kg

Read our disclaimer below and please ensure a thorough warm-up routine before commencing each workout.


Download this PDF for a snapshot view of the program. Below are short 2-3min videos that show the exercises being demonstrated for each workout.


 This training program contains 18 workout sessions over the course of 4 weeks. You will be training up to 5 days per week. Individuals who decide to take on this training plan should understand correct movement techniques. If you feel like you’re going to injure yourself with an exercise then scale it down to a regressed option or stop and see an allied health professional for injury prevention and management.

It is your responsibility to work directly with an allied health professional to ensure that this is suitable and within your means. If you choose to use this information without prior consent of your physician, you agree to accept full responsibility for your decision.

Workout Videos