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Get Results Now with a Free Sandbag Training Program.

Our aim is to inspire as many people as possible to reach their peak physical condition by engaging them into tailored programs that utilise effective training tools and methods.

Sandbags are a no-nonsense functional training tool that will compliment any training program. Training with a lump of sand is as real as it gets when it comes to functional training for the game of life. At times when performing exercises the sand will shift around creating a training effect that engages more of your stabilizer muscles to build a stronger core. Better still though, your body is working as one unit resulting in superior strength gains.

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” – Aristotle.

Sandbags are arguably one of the most versatile training tools on the planet and our intention is to showcase exactly how versatile and awesome they really are. Enter our training page, where we will provide ongoing blogs, exercise education, tailored training plans and workouts to help your clients and / or yourself to reach full physical potential.