Supine Sandbag Overhead Pullover to Press


The supine sandbag overhead pullover to press. A mouthful to say that’s for sure. This is an outstanding core exercise as the front stabilizer muscles are working super hard to resist motion and therefore making them super strong.

Activating the core is one big aspect of the exercise, although many more benefits come from this as well including strengthening of the rotator cuff muscles and chest.

Using light weight for beginners and corrective / rehabilitative means. Suitable for advanced users with a heavier load to strengthen and build stability transferable for many other lifts including overhead press and snatch.

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From supine position with bag on chest

  1. Press the bag up
  2. Lower bag to ground above your head
  3. Engage core and raise bag back to position above chest
  4. Perform chest press and repeat cycle

Key points

  • Engage core, keep lower back attached to ground throughout movement