Staggered Stance Rotational Sandbag Squat

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The staggered stance rotational squat develops both lower body and core strength. The staggered stance position creates the rotational component of the movement and while having the load high on the torso (shoulder) places a large emphasis on the stabilizers of the core.

Squatting up from the low position and twisting at the same time provides real life functional results. This exercise also enhances the neuromuscular coordination that will make progression into rotational power exercises later on much easier.

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Start with bag draped over one shoulder – right side in this example

  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. Step left foot back – toe in line with heel of right foot
  3. Right arm wraps around bag to keep secure on shoulder
  4. Squat down, touch left hand to floor next to instep of right foot
  5. From the bottom drive up with most of the force pushing through the right foot and some through the left forefoot.

Key points:

  • Left heel comes up
  • Create tension in the core and maintain this along with a neutral spine throughout movement
  • Aim to keep torso as upright as possible and have forward focus