Shoulder to Shoulder Sandbag Press

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The shoulder to shoulder sandbag press is a movement that works in the often missed frontal plane of motion. This exercise builds shoulder strength and stability and being a unilateral exercise it will assist in closing the gap between any muscle imbalances or weaknesses.

This exercise will also develop superman core… the combination of being a unilateral exercise with the lateral shifting load and the instable nature of the bag…it is more than meets the eye.

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Set up:

  1. Standing with bag draped over one shoulder
  2. Pressing arm is underneath, against the ribs and elbow pointed down
  3. Assisting arm is horizontal with elbow pointing away from bag

From set up begin movement:

  1. Stand solid activating quads, hamstrings, glutes and create tension in the core
  2. Dominate the press with the single arm
  3. Control with assisting arm and shift load to opposite shoulder
  4. Pull the load down and repeat press to original side.

Valuable points:

  • The nature of the sandbag will be to flop and crease over the shoulder, the shifting sand and awkwardness is how you get many of the benefits training with sandbags. Using a more compact sandbag will make it somewhat easier and more efficient.