All New Dingo Sandbags 2022

Make way for the toughest sandbags yet

When we say all new, we mean it. In making our signature sandbags, we have consulted professional coaches and implemented a professional product design team to engineer the product that we have today. Dingo Sandbags are made ‘fit-for-purpose’, designed specifically to withstand our rigorous training systems. As you venture into our performance related training systems, we include exercises that requires the bag to withstand heavy lifts, swings, and repeated drops. Our sandbags are designed to endure the type of abuse that is required in training to increase performance, where the exercise intensity starts to hit new levels.

Introducing our 2022 Product Line-up



Universal Sand-Sack

Sandbag Inner

All New 2022 Sandbags

Small – Uluru Orange
Medium – Turf Green
Large – Navy Blue

New design includes
• New colours
• New handles
• The inner bag is back
• 3 size options
• Stronger and more durable than ever before

New Handles (Strap and Cylindrical Design)

Strap Handle

Used in three handle locations including the two end handles and the farmer carry handle. The strap handle has a layer of foam sewn inside on the underside for maximum comfort and durability.

Semi-Cylindrical Handle

We have designed the first ever soft cylindrical handle. Cylindrical handles have been added to four locations on our all-new sandbags. These include the two in-line handles and the two parallel neutral grip handles. The exercises regularly performed when gripping the bag with these handles commonly replicate typical barbell movements. The thickness is like the typical size of a barbell and dumbbell that you use in the gym. Being soft means that you don’t have to worry about any hard plastic bits that may flick around and whip you or press against you during any other exercise.

Our quest for delivering the most leakproof and durable sandbags on the planet

• Robust and leakproof inner
• Improved design
• Extra layers of seal and closure
• Quality stitching
• Quality components

The Inner is Back!

Re-introduction of the Sandbag Inner

We have re-introduced the sandbag inner. Every one of our sandbags come with a custom fit inner, the custom size allows the bag to be filled entirely with sand rather than having multiple inners that will leave gaps and often make the bag ‘clunky’. We have designed this inner to be the most leakproof and bust-proof bag on the planet. This is the component where the most stress will be placed when the bag is dropped. It is cylindrical shaped to custom fit the size of the bag and has a funnel filler with double Velcro closure plus a YKK zip and garage to park that zip and stay parked.

Pillowcase Design Inner
– Sold Separately

We understand that a benefit to having multiple inners is that you can adjust the weight of your sandbag a bit quicker and on the go. Our bags are made to cater for the commercial gym environment and is best to purchase one bag for one size and stick to that size. For some home gym uses that would like the option of a second inner for more versatility, then we sell an inner that has the capacity to hold from 5kg up to 30kg. 

Our Pillowcase inner is designed to be the most leakproof of all inners sold in this rectangular pattern.

And Even More Features!

Better sealed, stronger, easy to add or remove inner, machine washable and hygienic

Check out this part of our new design.

The bag opens widely to allow easy adding and removal of the inner. After a lot of heavy use and multiple people using the bags, it’s great to give them a wash. That’s made super easy now, but just removing the inner out and throwing the outer shell into the washing machine for a full warm cycle wash. It will come out looking brand new again. Just slip the inner filled with sand back in and away you go.

Our large YKK zipper used on all our products is concealed under the extra seal of the Velcro closure. No chance of the zip or metal zipper going to rubbing against your skin to cause any kind of rubbing or abrasion injuries. Furthermore, the extra Velcro closure makes the bag even stronger and more leakproof than ever.

Handle Attachment Points

Like every other sandbag manufacturer in the world we also used the Box X stitch design. Only to discover through employing a professional design team did we discover this is not the strongest stitch. We are the only sandbags on the market to use this Zig Zag Stitch pattern.

We have the strongest handle attachment point then any sandbag on the market bar none… It makes sense really

check out where else this type of stitch is used:

1 Tonne Sand and Cement Bag
One tonne bag of sand
Snatch Strap for pulling over 3 tonne vehicles out of bogs
10 tonne Snatch strap
Parachute Harness
Parachute harness

1050D Ballistic Nylon for Outer shell:

We have opted for this more expensive material because we are truly driven by quality, durability, hygiene and end-usability. Our options were 1050D Ballistic Nylon, 1050D Nylon Cordura or 1050D Nylon Kodra. Kodra and Cordura are virtually the exact same, just competitive brands. The facts are this:

1. Kodra/Cordura has a slightly higher abrasion resistance

2. Ballistic Nylon has a slightly higher tensile strength.

All the above materials are fit-for-purpose and from an abrasion resistance and tensile strength perspective, it is well above what’s necessary for the end-user and the differences won’t be noticed. The reason for us choosing Ballistic Nylon over Kodra/Cordura, comes down to the end texture. Ballistic Nylon is a “filament” yard, vs Cordura/Kodra being texturized. Ballistic has a smoother and slicker feel versus Cordura/Kodra having a more canvas type feel. Nothing wrong with the feel of canvas, however Ballistic Nylon after lots of testing was far superior when it comes to being sweat and water resistant. This material is better suited for commercial gym environments from a hygiene and cleanliness perspective.  

YKK Zipper - large & strong size

All our products use the world’s most reputable zipper brand. YKK aligns with our vision and mission for delivering the highest quality, the most durable and leakproof bags on the planet.

Weight Patches

Each sandbag comes included with 3 weight patches. They show both kg’s and lbs. Catering for commercial gym environments, PT’s, and athletes; having an easy reference to how much load is in the bag is desired. The same reason why every other piece of equipment is labelled in the gym. We are the only sandbag manufacturer in the world that includes weight patches.

7 Soft-grip Handles

allows for versatile use; virtually unlimited training options

New Product Design for 2022

Welcome to the Dingo family – Dingo Sandballs

Small Sandball – Black #5 4-5kg / 9-11lb
Medium Sandball – Black #10 8-10kg / 18-22lb
Large Sandball – Black #15 13-15kg / 28-33lb

Sandball Features

Our brand-new product Dingo Sandballs are used for both Kettlebell and Medicine Ball exercises. Virtually any exercise that you can think to do with a Kettlebell or Medicine Ball, then you can do with these Sandballs.

Sandballs are so versatile that they can fit into an entire continuum of a training program. At the ‘Foundations’ phase for example, they are great for developing areas such as core strength, stability, flexibility, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular training. Then as your training develops you can use them for high volume endurance training as well as strength and power.

Sandballs are an excellent tool for trainers who are looking for equipment ideal to use in small and large groups. As a ‘soft’ kettlebell they are a safe training tool (under proper guidance) and ideal for beginners and youth because the soft nature allows the user to practice technical movements such as cleans, snatches and presses, without the banging or injury to the soft muscle tissue on the forearms.

Two strap handles for unlimited exercise options

The new strap handle design has an inner foam layer sewn on the underside for maximum comfort and durability. Specifically designed to cater for Kettlebell specific exercises and movements.

Triple layer with Ballistic Nylon outer shell

Our Sandball shells are made with 1050D Ballistic Nylon for superior comfort, abrasion resistance and hygiene. There is a hidden layer of foam sewn on the inside for maximum comfort and then another internal layer shell sewn in for maximum strength and leak proofness. We have used the same funnel filler design with a double Velcro closure, large YKK zip to secure the sand in place.


The beast of the family - Universal Sand-Sack

Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

The only thing we changed with this product is the color. Having received great reviews and zero returns for this product, we kept it the same.

Enter strong man style training. The Universal Sand-Sack can be filled from 30-100kg / 66-220lbs. It’s a ‘no-frills’ large sack without handles; it fits in well with CrossFit workouts and General Physical Training (GPT) phase of training when filled to the lower range of loading. However, it is a stand-out tool to use for the Strength phase of training especially when loaded up to a capacity where you would be exerting close to max efforts.

Heavy sandbag sacks are born out of strongman training event Atlas Stone lifting. They were introduced to cater for our training systems which includes the Maximum Strength and the Power phase of training. This is the point in training that transfers most to athleticism and improving performance. It’s simple really, just shift heavy weight as safely possible and then do it with speed. With the capacity to be filled up to 100kg, the Universal Sand-Sack caters for some serious strength and power training needs.

If you want to be an athlete, then lift heavy is a must and the Universal Sand-Sack is our solution from a sandbag training perspective.

100% Leakproof Guaranteed

Same concept as the waterproof dry bags. The sand cannot escape, but there is a trick to tying off. We have got you covered with simple instructions for that right here.

All-functional, all-durable, all-premium. All-New