Sandbags and Primal Movements

Sandbags and Primal Movements

So, you have a sandbag but not sure where to start? How about trying out the Seven Primal Movement patterns. The concept of primal movement patterns was developed by Paul Chek (Founder of C.H.E.K Institute), who identified seven fundamental movements that humans performed on a daily basis in the time when survival meant hunting and gathering.  These movements are Squatting, Lunging, Pushing, Pulling, Bending, Twisting and Walking (gait).


Performing any one of these movement patterns will get you moving through multiple joints and will utilize numerous muscle groups at the same time. This is classic functional training, and is very often the crux of how personal trainers prescribe workouts for the general population.

Below is a workout I have designed that uses just one piece of equipment (sandbag of course) with an exercise within each of the primal movements. Try it out and see how it targets every muscle in your body; improving posture, mobility, endurance and strength.

Workout: Sandbag Primal Circuit

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds rest; complete all 7 exercises (it should take 7 minutes). Congratulations you have completed one circuit. Complete between two to four circuits and take two to three minutes rest between circuits if you are beginner to intermediate. For warriors, complete four circuits in a row with no rest between circuits.

  1. Deadlift (Bending)
  2. Overhead press (Pushing)
  3. Zercher squat (Squatting)
  4. Sandbag overhead walk (Gait)
  5. Sandbag row (Pulling)
  6. Sandbag lunge in zercher hold (Lunging)
  7. Around the world (Twisting)

Please check out our exercise library for detailed instructions on how to complete each of these exercises.

Recommended weight:

Woman – 5 to 15kgs

Men – 10 to 20kgs

Warriors – 20 to 30kgs