Sandbag 360 degree lunges


Sandbag 360 degree lunges will improve flexibility, posture, mobility and strength of the ankle knee and hip joints. The core will not be missed in this exercise and of course there are the obvious strength gains for the lower body.

Working in all plains of motion is an injury prevention measure. Sprains are one of the most common injuries which is due to an overstretching of the joint structures. In the case of the sandbag 360 degree lunges joints will be put through their available range of motion and as this happens the stabilising muscles around that joint will strengthen and the connective tissue will develop improved range of motion.

Exercise Steps

Starting position may vary with holding positions including bag in zercher hold or bag draped over one shoulder:

  1. Lunge forward, return to start
  2. Lunge 45 degrees to front and side, return to start
  3. Lunge 90 degrees to side (laterally), return to start
  4. Lunge 45 degrees to back and side, return to start
  5. Reverse Lunge, back to start
  6. Repeat with opposite leg.

Key points

  • Knees track over toes
  • Maintain neutral spine
  • Work only in your range of motion with the aim of progressing over time to avoid over stretching of joints