Universal Sand-Sack 40-100kg

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Enter strongman style training. Our latest addition to the sandbag family – the Universal Sand-Sack can be filled from 40-100kg (88-220lbs). It’s a ‘no-frills’ large sack without handles, just a beast to cater for serious strength training.

Heavy sandbag sacks are born out of strongman training event Atlas Stone lifting. They do have additional versatility and have been created to cater for Dingo Training Systems. As you venture through our performance training system, you will ideally progress to Maximum Strength and Conversion to Power phases of training; it’s here when this Universal Sand-Sack comes more into play. Performing exercises that are key for developing / enhancing athleticism and improving performance.

If you want to be truly athletic, then you need to lift heavy and the Universal Sand-Sack is the solution from a sandbag training perspective.

Typically used for atlas stone pick-ups; the bag can also be used for: Loaded carries, Throws, Presses, Squats, and more. Heavy sandbags are now super popular in CrossFit training, Odd-Object Training, MMA/Judo/Martial Arts and Tactical/Military training.

Training with heavy sandbags is not only a safer way to train, they are able to cater for all commercial gyms and home users who don’t have a specific set-up (flooring, benches, etc) required to cater for heavy atlas stones made out of steel and concrete.



Filling Instructions (Video to come)

Design Features

  • Colour: Basalt Rock (coastal stone)
  • One-size-fits-all. Adjustable from 40-100kg.
  • Strong abrasive resistant material, made with 1050d Nylon Kodra
  • Quadruple stitching at seams to ensure it can handle repeated drops and throws (however not designed for slams)
  • Leakproof closure system. Our closure system allows for versatility in weight but also is 100% sand leakproof (please watch the video to learn how to close and seal the bag properly).
  • *2-year warranty

* 2 Year Full Replacement Guarantee

  • During the manufacturing process, very occasionally something slips the net and for that reason we have got you covered.
  • Our bags are designed to be tough and we want you to treat them with abuse; but there are obvious areas that we do not cover; for example, using as a sled and dragging across concrete.
  • See the full terms and conditions as written on our website.

Train with a purpose and celebrate achievements!


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