Small Sandbag 7.5-12.5kg (without black tarpaulin base)

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The Small Sandbag is our second-best seller. In particular it has been very popular by commercial gyms such as F45 and 12 Rounds because it can cater from beginners, yet still be used by the advanced for more technical or core type exercises. For home users looking for a starting point with just one sandbag, we suggest this could be right for you if you are new to resistance training or perhaps rehabbing an injury; we also suggest this for female users starting out.

Otherwise the bag is still used by highly advanced athletes for exercises such as throws, swings and large volume repetitions to build endurance.

Without the tarpaulin base layer, this bag offers a somewhat less stiff and softer overall feel. Otherwise it’s exactly the same. Whilst the recommendation for commercial gyms is to go with the tarpaulin base, the fact that we have used Ballistic Nylon for the entire shell means that it is still a better choice bag than the Cordura / Canvass feel sandbags as it is still far less stain and sweat resistant. Not having the tarpaulin base makes it a cheaper solution for your gym or home use.



What you get with this purchase:

  • Small sandbag shell. Recommended weight from 7.5-12.5kg (16-28lb)
  • 3 Weight Patches
    • 7.5kg / 17lb
    • 10kg / 22lb
    • 12.5kg / 28lb
  • 2-Year full replacement warranty guarantee*
  • Does not include sand

Features = Tough

  • Colour: Red Desert Sands (Uluru)
  • Seven soft grip handles for virtual unlimited training options
  • 1050D ballistic nylon with two plies. Military grade, resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions
  • Inherent stain and sweat resistance which enables quick and easy clean up with soap and water
  • Genuine YKK Large size coil zipper for quality and strength
  • Strong polyester thread used for stitching
  • Webbing on inside of bag for extra strength
  • Zig Zag stitched handle attachment points. The strongest attachment of all sandbag manufacturers.
  • Triple stitched seams – strong, durable and leakproof
  • Sewn-on Velcro strip to attach Velcro weight patch
  • Please note: If you need lighter bags, then you can quite simply substitute sand for rice or add in some cloth to the lesser amount of sand. The important factor is to have the right amount of filling inside the bag to make it not too floppy and thus making the training tool ideal to use.

* 2 Year Full Replacement Guarantee

  • During the manufacturing process, very occasionally something slips the net and for that reason we have got you covered.
  • Our bags are designed to be tough and we want you to treat them with abuse; but there are obvious areas that we do not cover; for example, using as a sled and dragging across concrete.
  • See the full terms and conditions as written on our website.

Train with a purpose and celebrate achievements!


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