Large Sand Kettlebell / Sand Medicine Ball

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  • Large Sand Kettlebell / Sand Medicine Ball (Black)
    • 13-15kg / 28-33lb

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About Our Large Sand Kettlebell / Sand Medicine Ball

Introducing Dingo Sand Kettlebells, the Ultimate Versatile Fitness Companion:

Dingo Sand Kettlebells redefine the boundaries of fitness equipment, seamlessly transitioning between Kettlebell and Medicine Ball exercises. With these innovative Sand Kettlebells, the entire spectrum of exercises typically associated with conventional Kettlebells and Medicine Balls is at your disposal.

It’s worth noting, however, that they are purposefully not designed for Slam-Balls or for vigorous throws and drops.

These Sand Kettlebells find their place across the entire continuum of a comprehensive training program. In the foundational stages, they excel in honing core strength, stability, flexibility, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. As your training progresses, they seamlessly integrate into high-volume endurance regimens, as well as strength and power routines.

For trainers seeking equipment suitable for both small and large groups, Sand Kettlebells are an invaluable asset. Their ‘soft’ nature, when used under proper guidance, ensures a safe training experience. This quality makes them particularly apt for beginners and youth, as the pliable material allows for the practice of technical movements like cleans, snatches, and presses, without the risk of discomfort or injury to the forearm’s soft tissue.

Ease of use is a hallmark of our Sand Kettlebells. The innovative funnel opening system eliminates the need for an inner bag; simply pour sand directly into the bag, fold, secure with Velcro, and zip shut. This design draws inspiration from the patterns of sports balls such as footballs, volleyballs, and traditional medicine balls. As with all our products, our primary objective is to deliver a robust, durable, and leak-proof fitness tool. Experience the next level of fitness training with Dingo Sand Kettlebells.

There are 3 different sizes available, with each having a size range:

  1. Large Sand Kettlebell – Black 15 (13-15kg / 28-33lb)
  2. Medium Sand Kettlebell – Black 10 (8-10kg / 18-22lb)
  3. Small Sand Kettlebell – Black 5 (4-5kg / 9-11lb)

For maximum functionality, we recommend filling our sandbags with dry or washed play sand and to the recommended size range.
Note: When filling up your soft kettlebells for the first time, you will need to pack tightly to reach the desired weight; then after some use the material will stretch which will allow fill it a little heavier to keep it compact or to leave it slightly loose according to your preference.

Sandbag Features

• Premium quality materials designed for toughness and durability.
• One product with 3 layers. Tough inner and outer layer for strength durability and leakproof design, middle layer for soft comfort and ergonomics.
• Two soft grip handles for virtual unlimited training options.
• Exterior 1050D ballistic nylon with two plies. Military grade, resistant to tears, scuffs, and abrasions
• Inherent stain and sweat resistance which enables quick and easy clean up with soap and water
• Leakproof funnel filling opening design with double Velcro closure
• Genuine YKK Large size coil zipper for quality and strength
• Strong polyester thread used for stitching
• Triple stitched seams – strong, durable and leakproof
• Numbers on bag to represent size i.e., 5 = 5kg, 10 – 10kg, 15 = 15kg. Size range is optional

1 Year Full Replacement Guarantee*

During the manufacturing process, very occasionally something slips the net and for that reason we have got you covered. All our sandbags are designed to be tough and durable, and will cater for high volume, high intensity workouts in a commercial environment

* Sand-Balls / Sand Kettlebells / Sand Medicine Balls Warranty. Slamming or dropping

    • Sand-balls are NOT covered under warranty for dropping, throwing or slamming.
    • Treat your Sandball the same as you would a steel kettlebell i.e., you do not throw this or drop this to the ground.

Our Mission

At Dingo Sandbags, our Mission is to have the toughest, most durable and leakproof sandbags on the planet. The decisions that we made throughout the design and development of our products is done always with our Vision and Mission in mind. Since our humble beginnings in 2014, we have continued our quest to reaching our goals. As a result of continuous improvement, we are now up to our fourth version of our signature product – sandbags. We have used a professional design team, consulted with experts in the fitness, strength, and conditioning industry, and especially taken on board every piece of feedback that you (our customers) have provided. Thank you for helping to shape what are our products today.

Train with a purpose and celebrate achievements!

Weight 0.47 kg
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 5 cm

5 reviews for Large Sand Kettlebell / Sand Medicine Ball

  1. Brett H. (verified owner)

  2. Russell Pata (verified owner)

    This is such a great item. Well made and fit for purpose. Filling it up was a great workout. The fact that they use YKK zips was impressive.

  3. Aleisha B. (verified owner)

    Some of the sandballs I ordered leaked a bit of sand, but only a tiny bit and not enough to bother me. I’m a personal trainer and have 6 of them which i mostly use for group training. As a training tool with my clients they have been invaluable, so versatile and easy to transport in my car to my outdoor group training sessions. I’m sure i’ll get more.

  4. Mick (verified owner)

    Awesome. Construction looks strong and built to last. Easy fill and empty. Perfect for the lunchtime beach session

  5. Graham K. (verified owner)

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