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Get a better deal when ordering two or more workout sandbags. Discounts will be automatically applied at checkout based on the number of sandbags you choose. The more you order, the more you save. Select whichever combination of sandbags you want and the following Bulk Buy discounts will apply:

  • Purchases of 3 to 4 sandbags* = 10% off
  • Purchases of 5 to 9 sandbags* = 15% off
  • Purchases of 10 to 15 sandbags* = 20% off
  • For purchases of more than 15 sandbags – Contact us to arrange a bulk order and receive at least 25% off.

*May not apply to other discount offers or coupon codes.

Product Quantity

Small Workout Sandbag


  • Small workout sandbag shell (Uluru Orange)
  • Funnel filler cylindrical shaped inner bag (where the sand goes). Capacity 15kg/33lb
  • 3 weight patches
    • 5kg / 17lb
    • 10kg / 22lb
    • 15kg / 33lb

The small workout sandbag will tick every box for the novice user in terms of being able to use it for everything from strength training, endurance training, power training and conditioning. This sandbag is our most popular seller for Personal Trainers who run group fitness classes as they find this size provides the most versatility for the general population. However, there's a home for this size sandbag in anyones training kit. Intermediate and advanced users make the most of this size sandbag for a lot of the foundations training including stability training, core training and dynamic power training. E.g. Weighted sit-ups, pistol squats, throws for distance, jump squats, isolated muscle group training, swings, muscle endurance (50+ continuous repetitions of movements) etc. Recommended for the novice to fill this at  8-10kg to start with, while the advanced user will likely want it at 15kg for their training needs.

Medium Workout Sandbag


  • Medium workout sandbag shell (Turf Green)
  • Funnel filler cylindrical shaped inner bag (where the sand goes). Capacity 30kg/44lb
  • 3 weight patches
    • 30kg/66lb
    • 25kg/55lb
    • 20kg/44lb

The medium workout sandbag covers a lot of your training needs no matter what level you are at. For beginners, this would be suitable for the bigger lifts involving your larger muscle groups. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, floor press, rows, loaded carries and power cleans. For the stronger and more advanced users, then the medium sandbag will test out your strength and conditioning levels with a lot of the dynamic movements such as swing variations, squat jumps, snatches and throws. You can also throw in some CrossFit style workouts / metabolic conditioning circuits or even build serious muscle with high volume repetition resistance exercises. The sky is the limit; the medium sandbag is truely a versatile piece of training equipment with a recommended weight range of 20 to 30kg. Go after it!

Large Workout Sandbag


  • Large workout sandbag shell (Navy Blue)
  • Funnel filler cylindrical shaped inner bag (where the sand goes). Capacity 50kg/110lb
  • 3 weight patches
    • 40kg/88lb
    • 45kg/99lb
    • 50kg/110lb

If you're looking for the next level in training for strength and conditioning, then the Large Workout Sandbag is what you need. Squats, presses, deadlifts, rows, power cleans, loaded carries and much more. With another 40-50kg of resistance you are talking some serious strength, not to mention that sandbags are going to feel that pinch harder than your perfectly symmetrical barbell or dumbell.

Small Sand Kettlebell / Sand Medicine Ball


  • Small Sandball (Black)
    • 4-5kg / 9-11lb

Medium Sand Kettlebell / Sand Medicine Ball


  • Medium Sandball (Black)
    • 8-10kg / 18-22lb

Large Sand Kettlebell / Sand Medicine Ball


  • Large Sand Kettlebell / Sand Medicine Ball (Black)
    • 13-15kg / 28-33lb

Universal Sand-Sack Strongman Sandbag


  • Colour: Basalt Rock Grey
  • One-size-fits-all. Adjustable from 30-100kg / 66-220lb
  • Strong abrasive resistant material, made with 1050d Nylon Kodra
  • Quadruple stitching at seams to ensure it can handle repeated drops and throws (however not designed for slams)
  • Leakproof closure system. Our closure system allows for versatility in weight but also is 100% sand leakproof (please watch the video to learn how to close and seal the bag properly).
  • Sand not included
  • 1-year warranty *

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