We understand that privacy is important to all users of our website

What personal information do we collect?

We may collect basic user profile information from all users, such as names, phone numbers, post and email address

How does Dingo Sandbags use your personal information?

We use your information to send out goods only, and the payment process of goods sold.

What Dingo Sandbags does NOT do:

We do not use your information to send out e-newsletters unless you explicitly subscribe to such a service. We do not share your information with external third parties unless otherwise specified in this policy.

Customer Submitted Reviews

Customers who purchase a product from the Dingo Sandbags website will be sent an email requesting they provide a review of the products in their order. They will be sent no more than one follow-up email as a reminder.

Reviews are captured via a third-party service called Customer Reviews (CR), which is a service for businesses that offer a voluntary scheme for the verification of reviews submitted by customers. For more information, you can review the CR Terms and Conditions, their Data Protection Policy and their Privacy Policy. By making a purchase on this website you agree to Dingo Sandbags collecting your reviews via the independent review service provided by CR and providing them with the minimum amount of customer information they require to provide this service.

e-Newsletter Subscription

Users who signup for our mailing lists via our subscription form will have the details they provide securely stored in our email marketing system (MailChimp).

We DO NOT share your email addresses with third parties unless those parties are contracted by us to deliver Dingo Sandbag communications. Subscribers have the ability to unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

How is personally identifiable information stored?

Personally identifiable collected by Dingo Sandbags is securely stored and not accessible to third parties of Dingo Sandbags except for use as indicated above.

Are cookies used on our site?

Yes cookies are used for a variety of reasons. We use cookies to obtain information about the services selected. We use cookies for security purposes.

How does Dingo Sandbags keep personally identifiable information secure?

All our employees are familiar with our security and policy practices. Personally identifiable information is only accessible to restricted number of qualified employees. While we take commercially reasonable measures to maintain a secure site, electronic communication and databases are subject to errors, tampering and break-ins and we cannot guarantee or warrant that such events will not take place and we will not be liable to any users for any such occurrences.

How can users correct any inaccuracies in personally identifiable information?

Users may contact us to update personally identifiable information about them or to correct any inaccuracies by emailing us. This is in addition to changing personally identifiable information through the website itself.

Can a visitor delete or deactivate personally identifiable information?

We provide users with a mechanism to delete / deactivate personally identifiable information from the site’s database by contacting us. However, because of back ups and records of deletions, it may be impossible to delete a visitor’s entry without retaining some residual information. An individual who requests to have personally identifiable information deactivated will have this information functionally deleted, and we will not sell, transfer or use personally identifiable information relating to that individual moving forward. Records of product purchases and other transactions will be maintained.

What happens if the privacy policy changes?

We will let our users know about changes to our privacy policy by posting such changes to our website.

All design and content on the website and products are the property of Dingo Sandbags.