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How to get started with your Dingo Sandbag

Thank you and congratulations on the purchase of your new Dingo Sandbag. You are now the proud owner of one of the most versatile and comprehensive piece of fitness training equipment available on the market today. The amount of exercises you can perform with a sandbag are virtually unlimited. The Dingo Sandbag offers a complete gym solution at your disposal.

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Dingo Sandbags will continue to build on the Sandbag Exercise Library and educate you on safe and effective muscle building and fat burning exercises.

Let’s get started:

Step 1:


Fill the inner bags with sand and seal with the double velcro. Dingo Sandbags recommend using dry play sand.

  • Sand can be purchased from any hardware store, price is around $7 for 20kg.
  • The numbers at each fill line indicate that much weight in kilograms. This is a gauge only. For gyms who look to get exact measurements to match weight patches then it is best to use scales.
  • Fill lines are calculated based on using dry play sand. Using wet sand or any other substance for that matter will result in a greater variance of weight as estimated at the fill lines.

Step 2:


After sealing the inner bag up with the 2 velcro closures then place the inner or inners in the sandbag and zip up. There is a tab to tuck the zip under to avoid it from scratching or tearing clothes and skin during training.

Step 3:

Step 4. Putting Inner Into Bag   Highres
Step 4a. Putting Inner Into Bag 1   Highres
Step 4b. Puttng Inner Into Bag 1   Highres
Step 5. Zipping Up Bag   Highres

To achieve best results, adhere to MAX fill line recommendations. The inner bags have been vigorously tested to withstand the elements of sandbag training at these fill lines. More importantly however is that the bag should not be too dense so that the sand has room to move and shift. This is a critical feature of sandbag training.

Step 4:

Train with a purpose! Dingo Sandbags has a great exercise library to get you started. Keep a check on the website for any updates including:

  • More exercises in the exercise library
  • Blog and articles that feature sandbags and workouts.

What can you do with your Dingo Sandbag?

  1. Train in all planes of motion
  2. Train the primal body movements
  3. Follow a program to get guaranteed results
    1. Cardiovascular endurance
    2. Muscular endurance
    3. Muscular strength
    4. Flexibility
    5. Improve body composition (reduce fat, increase muscle and bone density)

Train with a purpose and celebrate achievements