Sandbag Squat Variations (Featuring Zercher Squat)


The Sandbag is pretty much the best tool to perform Zercher Squats because of it being far more ergonomic than say a bar bell to hold it in that position.

This exercise builds muscle endurance and strength of the lower body while also building tremendous core strength. During the squat, lever angles of the body dictate which muscle groups need to switch on and because the bag is held at chest level the load creates a huge emphasis on the stabilizer muscles of the core.

Such a simple yet comprehensive exercise which is great for beginners sitting back on a bench right through to the advanced with a heavier sandbag



From the rack position

  1. Feet slightly wider then shoulder width apart
  2. Break first at the hips and squat down bum below knees
  3. At the bottom, push knees out and then come up driving through heels and outside of feet
  4. At the top, squeeze glutes to full hip extension and exhale

Key points:

  • Squat down as if sitting on a chair; actually sit on a bench as a regression or starting point
  • Keep back straight and aim to keep torso as upright as possible
  • Wider stance can be used if necessary
  • Keep forward focus throughout movement.


Bear Hug Squat


Shoulder Squat


Overhead Squat