Sandbag Weighted Push-ups

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The sandbag wins as the ideal tool to perform a weighted push up. It is well documented the benefits of doing push-ups which is one of the most tried and tested body weight exercises of all time.

The push up is a full body exercise that builds chest, arms, shoulders and core. The amount of force required to produce in a body weight push up depends on the anthropometric features of individuals. Research guidelines suggest that in general a person pushes 65% of their body weight when doing a standard push up on toes.

Weighted push-ups are by far and away a more functional method to perform a horizontal press (verses a bench press). Build size, strength and power in the upper body; and even go for a 1 rep max (1RM).

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Get safely into position:

  1. From knees lift bag up onto shoulder, body in upright position
  2. Use end handle to assist with moving bag lengthways down the back
  3. Shuffle the bag into place so the load is as evenly spread as possible
  4. Activate core to steadily get into push up positon
  5. Complete Push up.

Key points

  • Maintain tension in the core
  • Preferred method to come down with elbows close to side of body
  • Feet not too wide apart, squeeze glutes tight
  • Form is lost when lumbar begins to curve beyond neutral