Sandbag Turkish Get Up

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The Turkish Get Up (TGU) has profound benefits and the more it is researched the longer the list grows. Most commonly used by kettlebells to perform the exercise; the implement can be swapped with a sandbag. The sandbag can be used in 2 different ways, one being draped over the shoulder where a load capacity is much higher and the other is being in the traditional straight arm lockout position in which requires superior shoulder stability particularly when using a sandbag. For an easier version try the Sandbag Shoulder Get-up

Some of many of the benefits to the TGU include:

  • Upper and lower body stability
  • Stimulates all systems that relate to balance
  • Superior shoulder stability
  • Develops proprioception and spatial awareness
  • Builds strength in trunk, hips and legs

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Starting in supine position and holding the bag with single arm pressing the bag using the middle handle.

Set up:

  1. Right arm pressed = right leg flexed with sole of foot on ground near buttocks
  2. Left leg out 45 degrees
  3. Left arm out 45 degrees, palm face down
  4. Eyes on load throughout entire movement except standing

Steps of Sandbag Turkish Get-up

1. Roll onto forearm
2. Come up onto palm – adjust hand position closer to hip
3. Bridge up – low arm directly underneath upper arm
4. Sweep leg back – knee position between planted hand and foot
5. Move upright – then adjust back leg
6. Lunge up to standing.
7. Repeat steps backwards to return to floor.


Key points

  • Keep sole of foot planted firmly on ground and watch for knee of same leg not to move inwards