Sandbag Squat Clean


The sandbag squat clean is a dynamic full body exercise which develops full body power and lower body strength.

The squat clean is a complex movement which has a higher degree of difficulty then it may initially look. It involves the biggest range of motion of all clean exercises and works pretty much all muscle groups.



Begin in bent over deadlift position

  • Bag on feet against shins and using either parallel or lateral handles (over grip).
  • As you come up, use hip thrust and high pull
  • Clean the bag by simultaneously dipping down and scooping into Zercher hold
  • Catch and lower down into Zercher squat, then come up

Key points:

  • At the point which the sandbag is on the rise and is weightless that is when you dip down by throwing your hips back again in a fast motion.
  • Avoid rounding of the back and catching with weight so that the force is coming onto front of feet.