Sandbag Snatch

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The sandbag snatch will test aspects of human ballistic limits (explosive strength). It requires the most amount of force when comparing all of the sandbag exercises, simply because the load is being moved the absolute furthest i.e. from ground to overhead lockout position in one hit (actually you can do deficit but we’ll leave that for now).

The snatch requires greater mobility to be performed efficiently and when performed correctly will be dynamic and explosive while appearing graceful.

The snatch is an Olympic lift and using sandbags to perform this exercise could in many aspects be more user friendly than a bar bell. In actual fact the sandbag snatch is more challenging because the weight is offset from the handles and this means less range of motion to generate force (upward lift) with the hips.

The snatch is commonly used by elite athletes who require both explosive and functional strength for their sport.

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Progress first from the Sandbag High Pull to the Sandbag Snatch.

  1. Start in the bent over deadlift position
  2. In this variation use the over grip handles
  3. Bag on feet, hands directly under shoulders
  4. Pull shoulders back and down
  5. Commence deadlifting the weight
  6. Explosively move hips forwards and pull elbows directly up
  7. Dip under the weight while simultaneously flipping bag over arms into lockout position
  8. Hips back to come down, controlled drop to the floor

Key Points:

  • In the high pull phase, more range of motions and power can be generated through coming up onto the forefeet
  • The “dip under” phase comes after reaching full hip extension. As the bag is at a point of weightlessness, throw hips back again and slam heels to floor. Then lockout.
  • The bag should travel in an almost straight up and down motion from the floor to overhead and vice versa. Avoid casting away from body