Sandbag Single Leg Deadlift


The single leg deadlift has so many benefits. This is also known as a unilateral exercise and is also an anti-rotational movement. When you work one side of the body; the rest of the muscles in the body (particularly the stabilizer muscles of the core) are constantly working to prevent rotation. The strength gained by resisting this rotation results in the ability to produce more force in rotational activities, such as those commonly used in sports –passing, kicking, punching, throwing, etc.

The hip joint is one of the most important joints in the human body, it is required to bear the most amount of weight which is multiplied when adding forces such as running, jumping, twisting and climbing.

The single leg deadlift is arguably one of the best all round hip strengthening exercises, hitting the muscles of the hip in 360 degrees resulting in better balance and power; as well will go a long way toward injury prevention.

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Holding positions can vary. Most people find it easier to begin by holding the bag in the hand same side as leg performing the deadlift.

  1. Stand tall with upright posture balancing on one leg.
  2. Break first at the hips and then slightly at the knees
  3. Maintain neutral spine and weight on heels as sandbag is lowered to the ground
  4. Return to start positon – actively use muscles of the hamstring, glutes and core to drive that hip forward

Key Points

  • Keep chin tucked to chest throughout movement
  • Avoiding rotation means keeping hips square to the ground.
  • Aim to get back leg straight making one like from shoulder to ankle = full range.
  • Try to avoid placing foot on ground in between repetitions