Sandbag Single Arm Dead Clean to Shoulder

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The sandbag single are dead clean to shoulder is 100% power exercise that requires a coordinated effort from the leg drive hip thrust through to the pull and catch phase.

As a unilateral exercise there are massive core, balance and stability gains to be made here and the exercise has huge crossover to many sports.

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Set up so that the sandbag runs parallel with your feet and the handle of the bag that you are going to do the lifting with should be directly under the frame of your body.

  1. Hips shoulder width apart, break at hips so in slightly squatted deadlift position, with on hand on the handle
  2. Explosively drive hips forwards
  3. Simultaneously, single hand high pull the sandbag directly upwards
  4. Release handle at approximately shoulder height to let the bag carry onto shoulder and then use that hand to catch the sandbag

Key points:

  • Opposite hand should start pointing up to the sky when in deadlift position to assist with upward drive and force by creating twist and power to come from the trunk as well.
  • Pulling arm elbow to drive straight up and kept high until point of release.
  • Bag is thrown to same shoulder as pulling arm.