Sandbag Side to Side Deadlift

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The sandbag side to side deadlift has the benefits of a standard up and down deadlift but includes rotation. Not only rotation but it becomes more of a unilateral movement; as the load is lowered and lifted from one side of the body there is a bigger emphasis on the muscles of that leg. Whilst on the opposite side of the body the core stabilizers are working hard to prevent rotation and perform the lift.

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Start with bag laid longways on the outside of one foot

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart
  2. Grab handles and perform upward lift
  3. Simultaneously twisting to front
  4. Controlled drop to land bag on opposite side outside the foot lengthways.

Key points:

  • Initiate the upward drive of the bag through the hip drive and focussing on the single leg and hip for the particular side that the sandbag is being lifted up from
  • Keep arms straight and shoulders back and down.
  • Maintain neutral spine throughout paying particular focus when dropping sandbag to the side of your body and on the ground