Sandbag Side to Side Clean


The sandbag side to side clean has all the benefits of a sandbag clean but includes rotation. Addition to the rotation the clean from a side deadlift position is more of a unilateral exercise which will build stability and rotational power.

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Start with bag laid longways on the outside of one foot

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart
  2. Grab handles and deadlift up to front facing Zercher hold using powerful hip drive
  3. Controlled drop to land bag on opposite side outside the foot lengthways.

Key points:

  • Initiate the upward drive of the bag through the hip drive and focussing on the single leg and hip for the particular side that the sandbag is being lifted up from
  • Bag should be caught right at the moment it is weightless
  • In rack position elbows are down and out while bag is right against your chest.