Sandbag Shouldering From Floor


The sandbag is by far the most practical tool to use for shouldering. Sandbag shouldering is a ballistic and power based movement where the majority of force is generated through the lower legs and hips.

As the sand shifts within the bag, each lift will be different from the previous one. That combined with the slight off centre trajectory that the bag follows will keep the body guessing and the stabilizers working.

The bag can be dropped back to the floor between reps or the load can also be decelerated by catching / cradling and going again. Furthermore advancement can be achieved through using a single arm.


  1. Start with feet a bit wider than hip distance apart
  2. Squat down to pick up bag, torso no more than 45degrees
  3. Bag hold positions from the floor with bag lengthways parallel with feet:
    1. Grip hold hands either side in the middle of bag
    2. Cradle position – arms wrap underneath like cradling a baby
    3. Combination – handle and cradle position
  4. Drive up powerfully with legs, simultaneously throwing bag onto shoulder
  5. Bump bag off shoulder absorbing the load below using core, biceps and legs
  6. Repeat movement continuously from shoulder to shoulder