Sandbag Overhead Tricep Extension


The sandbag displays once again how versatile it can be. The Sandbag overhead tricep extension typically performed with stable objects like a barbell. The sandbag is equal to the task yet adds a dimension of difficulty with the load being offset from the handles. There are a loads of different ways to train triceps with a sandbag, here is just one example.

This exercise is somewhat a corrective exercise for shoulder stability and thoracic extension and it will also challenge the core.

Combine with the bicep curl to produce synergy of the upper arm muscles

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From standing zercher hold, using horizontal handles is one option – palms facing out. Please note that gripping the bag or turning palms to face inwards is a great way also to target the triceps.

  1. Press bag overhead
  2. Activate hamstrings, glutes and core
  3. Lower bag behind head while maintaining elbows pointing up.
  4. Lift bag back to overhead lockout position