Sandbag Overhead Press


The sandbag overhead press of course is fantastic to build upper body strength including, shoulders, arms, upper back and chest. However to really understand this exercise the benefits go far beyond upper body strength. The overhead press requires the muscles of the entire body to work synergistically with one another. In particular the stabilizer muscles of the trunk making it one of the most underrated core strengthening exercises The sandbag overhead press is recommended as a staple to any exercise program.

Sandbag Overhead Press Sandbag Overhead Press Sandbag Overhead PressSandbag Overhead Press


From the Rack Position (Sandbag at chest height)

  1. Stand solid, and recruit muscles of the trunk by activating your quads, hamstrings and glutes.
  2. Activate muscles of the core and create tension to avoid leaning back
  3. Press the sandbag directly over the crown of your head into a lockout position.
  4. Pull the sandbag back into rack position

Key points:

  • In lockout have a proud chest but keep your ribs down and tuck your pelvis in to avoid hyper extension of the lower back
  • In rack position you may have a slight lean back in order to rest between reps; but keep core engaged
  • You can use legs for extra assistance if required; turning it into a Sandbag Push Press.