Sandbag Overhead Flip to Swing


The various components of the sandbag overhead flip to swing has everything in it to improve posture and mobility as well will build strength and endurance. This exercise targets the posterior chain (all the muscles of the back of the body) and improves shoulder range of motion and thoracic extension. Can be used as a corrective exercise for those who work many hours at a desk or driving; but will also provide significant conditioning gains.

Overhead Flip to Swing20082009



Start in the deadlift position holding onto the neutral handles.

  1. Feet slightly wider than hip distance apart to allow bag to move through the legs
  2. Clean the bag up and over the head and resting across upper back
  3. Soccer throw the ball back over your head
  4. Simultaneously spearing one side down first
  5. Hips move back as the sandbag is swung between legs
  6. Use hip drive forward to generate the force to bring the bag back up and overhead again.

Key points:

  • Start with light weight to test first that the range of motion and mobility is achievable
  • Embrace core throughout movement and avoid hyperextension of the lower back
  • Keep bag reasonably close to body throughout movement.