Sandbag Low Windmill


The sandbag windmill is a super exercise building core and shoulder stability. The windmill has 2 progressions; Low Windmill (in this example) is the first option and High Windmill is the more advanced option. For the experts, try the double Windmill by placing sandbag loading on both upper press position and lower hand grip.

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Steps (written for this example using left arm)

The Low Windmill:

  1. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart
  2. Angle both feet about 45 degrees to the left
  3. Position bag at instep of front foot
  4. Right arm reaches up, to remain throughout the exercise
  5. Eyes stay focused on upper hand
  6. Cock the hips to the right and lower down to reach for the sandbag on the floor slightly to the inside and front of left foot
  7. Engage the core and slowly return to starting position

Key points:

  • Back leg remains straight
  • Both arms remain straight and in vertical position
  • Front leg can have flexion at the knee to assist maintain neutral spine
  • Watch for lunging over the front leg; weight should be distributed evenly over both legs