Sandbag Loaded Carries

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Sandbag loaded carries are one of the most primal and functional whole body strengthening exercises that should be incorporated in any training plan. Loaded carries are arguably the most functional training movement that provides real life functional gains for the everyday person.

There are a plethora of carries that can represent life’s daily movements and chores. All carries are brilliant for strengthening the stabilizer muscles of the core whilst different carries present with various more gains depending on the grip, hold, load, etc. Below is a snippet of what can be done with a sandbag to get you started:

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Zercher Walking (and add Twist): Fantastic to build on balance and rotation.

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Suitcase hold: Improves grip strength and in particular the stabilizers opposite to the carrying hand.


Overhead Carry: Sensational core exercise whilst providing incredible gains for shoulder stability and preparation for overhead lifts.

Firemans Carry: One of the most effective way to get a floppy load from point A to point B in a hurry. Great to prepare for obstacle course races

Two Shoulder Carry: Across the back, is the other most effective way to move the load effeciently