Sandbag Jump Squat

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The jump squat is a big bang exercise that demands attention. When adding load, the sandbag is the ideal tool for this exercise as it allows for the more natural jumping mechanics whether in the Zercher hold or on the back across the shoulders; compared when doing the same with a bar bell.

A must exercise for athletes, sandbag jump squats build strength-speed, build power, improve rate of force development and of course build plyometric capacities.

An exercise for athletes who sit on the higher end of the exercise continuum. Otherwise start with bodyweight only.

The application of the jump squat will depend on the goal of the athlete, for example a sprinter might work on developing power at the start of a sprint and apply one of many specific jump squat variations. Knowing how to do the exercise is one thing; but having a good understanding of when this exercise should be used and which variation and what load are important factors …Enter the Athlete and seek further education with Dingo Sandbag Course…”Enter the Athlete”.

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Follow normal squat patter with feet shoulder width apart

  1. Once squat depth is reached, explode up
  2. Upon landing, focus on keeping the chest up and track your hips back behind you

Key points:

  • Get full hip extension
  • Absorb the impact


Some Variations:

Paused jump squat (great for off the mark speed)

  1. 15-50% of 1RM squat load
  2. Squat and pause at bottom for 5 seconds
  3. Explode up, land and reset.

Rhythmic jump squat

  1. 15-30% of 1RM squat load
  2. Explode up
  3. Absorb landing and immediately jump into next one

Negative jump squat

  1. 30-60% of 1RM squat load
  2. Drop quickly by explosively pulling yourself into the squat position
  3. Stabilize at bottom and stand up