Sandbag High Pull

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The sandbag high pull is the first progression of our ballistic hip hinging movement. With lighter weight it is a great exercise to build power endurance and also to develop the intramuscular coordination required more so in other power movements down the track.

Strengthen hips, gluteals, upper and lower back, as well gain the necessary core strength to transfer power generated from your trunk to your upper body.

High PullHigh PullHigh Pull High Pull   0401


Starting from the bent over deadlift position

  1. Commence deadlifting the bag
  2. As hands get to above knees drive hips forward explosively
  3. Simultaneously upright row the bag to about chin height
  4. Controlled free flight, dropping the bag back to original position

Key points:

  • Neutral spine
  • Bag should follow straight up and down pathway
  • Squeeze glutes to lock out hips and exhale at top of movement