Sandbag Floor Press

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The sandbag floor press is a truer representation of functional training because of the shifting sand within the bag as it is pressed up and down will result in having to constantly deal with unevenness and the need to shuffle make adjustments.

The sandbag floor press builds strength in the chest, arms and shoulders. Performed from the floor is a preferred option especially for people who have less range of motion in the shoulder joint. The sandbag floor press is used as a component of other sandbag exercises that are great to have in the repertoire.

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Start sitting close to bag then drag bag onto thighs close to knees:

  1. Rolling back into supine position simultaneously lift knees to push bag onto palm of hands into position
  2. Adjust load to balance
  3. Inhale and press bag up, exhale at top of movement
  4. Lower bag with control until elbows connect to floor and bag is on chest

Key points

  • Pressing with palms provides greater length of tension
  • After completing reps, rolling the bag out is a safe and alternative way to remove bag from chest