Sandbag Floor Press With Hip Bridge


Following on from the sandbag floor press on it’s own will build strength in the chest, arms and shoulders. Incorporating the hip bridge will make for a total body exercise.

The gains from the hip bridge component are brilliant. The hip bridge is a great exercise to activate and strengthen the gluteus muscles while also decreasing tightness in the hip flexors.

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Start sitting close to bag then drag bag onto thighs close to knees:

  1. Rolling back into supine position simultaneously lift knees to push bag onto palm of hands into position
  2. Adjust load to balance, and position heals of feet close to buttocks
  3. Inhale and press bag up, exhale at top of movement
  4. Push through the heels of the feet to activate gluteus and bridge upwards to full hip extension
  5. Return hips to the ground and then lower bag back to chest.

Key points

  • Pressing with palms or on fists provides greater length of tension
  • When performing the hip bridge, imagine your vertebrae peeling up off the floor like a banana peel, and return back to the floor rolling your vertebrae down until getting to the coccyx
  • After completing reps, rolling the bag out is a safe and alternative way to remove bag from chest