Sandbag Deadlift


Sandbag Deadlift Summary:

The sandbag deadlift is a foundational hip hinge movement which works virtually every muscle in the body. It predominantly develops glutes, hamstrings, upper and lower back muscles while also building grip and core strength.

Sandbag Exercise Steps:

From the standing position:

  1. Shoulders back and down (maintain throughout)
  2. Elbows point backwards
  3. Break first at the hips, slight flexion at knees
  4. Grab onto handles, drag bag onto shoes, so it is against the shin
  5. Drive upwards to full knee and hip extension (standing upright)

Sandbag Exercise Cues:

  • Maintain neutral spine (straight back / neck)
  • Arms stay straight and extended throughout the movement
  • Keep the bag close to your body (rubbing against shins)
  • Drive up through the heels, and feel a loading on the hamstrings and glutes
  • Squeeze glutes at top of movement