Sandbag Complex – Burpee Thruster


The sandbag sprawl push up thruster is one example of an endless amount of sandbag complexes. A complex exercise consists of one whole exercise that has many parts, often called a flow because ultimately the movement flows so that the end point of one exercise is the start point to the next exercise.

The Sandbag Thruster in itself is a complex, for example it consists of 2 parts which is the squat and overhead press. Add in all the other parts like sprawl push up, deadlift / clean and it becomes one hell of an exercise.

Sandbag Sprawl Thruster incorporates aerobic and strength training in one sequence, hitting every muscle in the body and working the cardiovascular system. Superb for metabolic conditioning and / or session finishers.

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Start with sandbag at feet:

  1. Sprawl to push up
  2. Push up to deadlift
  3. Deadlift to clean
  4. Clean to Squat
  5. Squat to overhead press

Valuable points

  • From push up into deadlift ensure that you reset with neutral spine, drag the sandbag against your shins and the commence the deadlift