Sandbag Clean

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The objective of the sandbag clean is to get the bag into rack position. The rack position in itself has many variations when using a sandbag; the most common include zercher hold, grip hold and on your fists. From the rack position we can transition into dozens of other exercises adding variety and spice to your exercise life.

The sandbag clean is a power movement, in fact it is the first half of an Olympic lift as we know it, the clean and jerk. Enter the athlete!

Sandbag CleanSandbag Clean Sandbag Clean Sandbag Clean Sandbag Clean


Following the steps from the Sandbag High pull

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart
  2. Deadlift with powerful hip drive
  3. Simultaneously doing a shoulder hitch and upright row
  4. Dip in slight squat position to catch the bag
  5. Lockout with full hip extension
  6. Controlled drop to land bag on feet

Key points:

  • Initiate the upward drive of the bag through the hip drive
  • Bag should be caught right at the moment it is weightless
  • In rack position elbows are down and out while bag is right against your chest.