Sandbag Clean and Press


As the name states, the Sandbag Clean and Press is a combination of the 2 exercises, the clean and the press. This exercise involves moving the sandbag from the floor to overhead, which requires every muscle in the body to be working as one.

The clean movement is classified as a power movement, whilst the press is a grind. When combining both of these exercises together and doing multiple repetitions the result will be Power Endurance which has huge crossover benefits for many sports.

The sandbag is one of the best tools to safely learn this complex movement and is the perfect tool to prepare anyone wanting to progress to a barbell. Having said that, there is no need to progress to a barbell if you have a large sandbag at your disposal. Try this:

Heavy Sandbag x 50 reps of clean and press. (30 to 50kg). Aim to do 10 reps every minute on the minute for 5 minutes.

Sandbag Clean and PressSandbag Clean and PressSandbag Clean and PressSandbag Clean and Press Sandbag Clean and Press


Starting from the deadlift position.

  • Stand with feet hip width apart
  • Deadlift with powerful hip drive
  • Simultaneously doing a shoulder hitch and upright row
  • Dip in slight squat position to catch the bag
  • Lockout with full hip extension
  • Activate muscles of the core and create tension to avoid leaning back
  • Press the sandbag directly over the crown of your head into a lockout position.
  • Pull the sandbag back down to chest, subsequently dropping back to floor in deadlift position.

Key points:

  • Initiate the upward drive of the bag through the hip drive
  • Bag should be caught right at the moment it is weightless
  • In rack position elbows are down and out while bag is right against your chest.
  • In lockout have a proud chest but keep your ribs down and tuck your pelvis in to avoid hyper extension of the lower back
  • You can use legs for extra assistance if required; turning it into a Sandbag Push Press.