Sandbag Clean to Lunge


The sandbag clean to lunge is another complex, it integrates a power movement with a unilateral exercise and will improve intramuscular coordination and hit every muscle in the body.

A lighter sandbag is excellent for repetitions and to develop muscle endurance which is great for runners and sports people who need to go the distance. Using a heavy bag for smaller repetitions will develop off the mark power and speed.

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Start with bag across toes:

  1. Clean the bag to chest using Zercher hold
  2. Simultaneously reverse lunge
  3. Step forward to standing and control drop bag to feet
  4. Repeat, lunging to alternate side

Key points:

  • Clean and catch bag in the lunge position – one motion
  • Torso upright with forward focus
  • Neutral spine
  • Must get full hip extension before lunging backwards