Sandbag Bicep Curl

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The sandbag bicep curl had to be added in of course for the weekend warriors that love a bit of arm action. Get the blood pumping and fill out the sleeves of that shirt or use these upper arm exercises to tone and lose those tuck shop arms. There are a multitude of ways to do bicep curls with a sandbag, here is just one example.

It’s a good idea to add tricep exercises to a  workout or program if doing biceps, ensuring that agonist and antagonist muscle groups are balanced and work synergistically with one another. The bicep and the tricep will result in a combined greater effect than that of its individual parts.

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The bicep curl has many hold variations. In this picture starting from standing position holding the horizontal handles with palms facing out:

  1. Activate legs and core
  2. Pull shoulders back and down – maintain throughout
  3. Curl the sandbag fists up to shoulders
  4. Low down in controlled manner back to straight arms

Key points:

  • Upper arm to stay attached to ribs, elbows always pointed down.