Sandbag Bent-Over Row

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The sandbag bent-over row targets mostly the muscles of the back including traps, lats and rhomboids. The assisting muscles also get a great workout which include the shoulders, biceps and forearms, and then the legs and core are under constant tension in order to stabilize throughout the movement.

Another awesome compound exercise that targets the whole body. In addition to overall strength gains, this exercise will improve posture through the shoulders and back.

A staple for any exercise program and especially recommended for people who work long hours in forward focused positions; repetitive natured jobs such as factory line workers, drivers and office workers.

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Deadlift the bag to get into safe bent over row position:

  1. Stand with knees slightly flexed
  2. Bend torso at about 45 degrees keeping your back straight
  3. Take hold of bag, grip variations include neutral (palms face each other) overhand (palms face you), underhand (palms face away), scrunch (no handles just bag),
  4. Inhale, engage core and pull sandbag straight up until it touches your chest

Key Points:

  • Keep elbows in tight
  • Maintain tension in core throughout
  • Weight should be distributed evenly on foot and there should also be some tension felt in hamstrings
  • Pull shoulders back and down; emphasise this retraction of shoulder blades at top end of movement