Sandbag Around the World Power Rotations

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Sandbag around the world involves moving the sandbag completely around your body in one rotational movement. It will build superb shoulder mobility and core through creating and resisting motion. Again like with all exercises there are more ways to do the same exercise, for example another way of performing this exercise is to pivot the feet with each rotation. Recommended to start with a light weight and mobilise the shoulder and thoracic region thoroughly beforehand.

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Start standing and hold bag by neutral handles I front of you:

  1. Swing the bag in circles from in front of you to around the back of your head back to start position.

Key points:

  • Bag can move continuously in same direction or alternate directions with every rotation.
  • Core must remain super tight throughout the movement
  • Keep elbows in tight to avoid putting shoulders in vulnerable position
  • Control bag around back of your head
  • Do not tilt head forward, rather get more range through the shoulders.