Reverse Rotational Sandbag Lunges


The sandbag reverse rotational lunge challenges the body in every way that it moves. It strengthens the stabilizer muscles of the hips, core and lower legs.

The reverse rotational lunge has 3 components. The first 2 components are the reverse lunge and the twist where force is created and the third component is where force is resisted i.e. resist being thrown off balance by the load (sandbag). Combining both the creating and resisting of force in one exercise makes it a super coordinated effort.

Not just an exercise thrown in for the sake of wowing or creating a circus act; this exercise is transferrable to everyday life activities and in particular to any athlete where resisting and creating force is integral to their sport.

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Start in standing upright position holding neutral handles of the sandbag in front of you:

  1. Reverse lunge
  2. Simultaneously swing bag to same side as the forward leg
  3. Drive hips forward back to start position
  4. Reverse lunge opposite side, also swing bag to opposite side

Key points:

  • Maintain upright torso
  • Keep forward focus
  • Drive through the heels to power hips forward
  • Use the hip drive forward to launch the bag up and over to opposite side.
  • Progression is to build the exercise to a ballistic motion where the bag will swing in a larger trajectory from one side to the other