Train with a purpose

Get started today with one of our free training programs; they are purposefully designed to get you moving in all planes of motion, to strengthen the entire body from top to bottom and improve your base level of fitness. They are planned in a progressive manner, so that as you get fitter, they begin to get harder.

We have a mantra at Dingo Sandbags, and that is to “train with a purpose and celebrate achievements”. But if committing to a program is not your thing, then no problemo; why not just open up one of the days within the program and try out the workout that you like. All of the sessions have short videos demonstrating the exercises. Train hard and have some fun!

Training Plans

Free Training Programs

Program 1: For Beginner to Intermediate

The objective of this program is to improve overall functional strength and mobility, every exercise will work the entire body. Following this program will result in improved body composition and that equates to building lean muscle mass and burning fat.

Program 2: For Intermediate and up

This training program would be considered GPP (General Physical Preparation). The goal is to develop all your major muscles, joints and ligaments; as well to improve your aerobic energy system. Completing this program will deliver great improvements to mobility / flexibility and overall strength.

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