All New Dingo Sandbags 2019

Make way for the toughest sandbag yet

When we say all new, we mean it. In making our signature sandbags, we have consulted professional coaches and implemented a professional product design team to engineer the end product that we have today. Dingo Sandbags are made ‘fit-for-purpose’, designed specifically to withstand our rigorous training systems. As you venture into our performance related training systems, we include exercises that requires the bag to withstand throws, drags and repeated drops. Our sandbags are designed to endure the type of abuse that is required in training to increase performance, where the exercise intensity starts to hit new levels. We are proud of our product’s quality and durability and offer a 2-year warranty on every sandbag.

All New Dingo Sandbags 2019

Dingo Sandbags Difference

No more sandbag inners

True sandbag training really means having the rights size sandbag shell for the amount of load you want it for. Having inners to allow quick interchange is an option for home users similar to the home-user style dumbbells. Our bags are made for the commercial gym environment and loading them to the correct fill capacity is critical to them being effective training tools. If you are serious about your training, then get the serious training equipment.

Handle Attachment Points

Like every other sandbag manufacturer in the world we also used the Box X stitch design. Only to discover through employing a professional design team did we discover this is not the strongest stitch. We are the only sandbags on the market to use this Zig Zag Stitch pattern. We have the strongest handle attachment point then any sandbag on the market bar none… It makes sense really.

Zig Zag Stitch Handle Attachment Point
Zig Zag Stitch Handle Attachment Point
This type of stitch is used in heavy duty products like:
1 Tonne Sand and Cement Bag
1 Tonne Sand and Cement Bag
Snatch Strap for pulling over 3 tonne vehicles out of bogs
Snatch Strap for pulling over 3 tonne vehicles out of bogs
Parachute Harness
Parachute Harness

1050D Ballistic Nylon

We have opted for this more expensive material because we are truly driven by quality, durability, hygiene and end-usability. Our options were 1050D Ballistic Nylon, 1050D Nylon Cordura or 1050D Nylon Kodra. Kodra and Cordura are virtually the exact same, just competitive brands. The facts are this:

  • Kodra/Cordura has a slightly higher abrasion resistance
  • Ballistic Nylon has a slightly higher tensile strength.

All the above materials are fit-for-purpose and from an abrasion resistance and tensile strength perspective, it is well above what’s necessary for the end-user and the differences won’t be noticed. The reason for us choosing Ballistic Nylon over Kodra/Cordura, comes down to the end texture. Ballistic Nylon is a “filament” yard, vs Cordura/Kodra being texturized. Ballistic has a smoother and slicker feel versus Cordura/Kodra having a more canvas type feel. Nothing wrong with the feel of canvas, however Ballistic Nylon after lots of testing was far superior when it comes to being sweat and water resistant. This material is better suited for commercial gym environments from a hygiene and cleanliness perspective.

An example of feedback we received was from a F45 gym owner. They advised that some of their customers did not like using the sandbags after they had been used by members in the previous class. This was because they were often soaked in sweat after the previous class had just finished a high intensity training session. For commercial gym owners, we recommend also to consider our bags with the tarpaulin base.

Tarpaulin Base Option

The tarpaulin is an additional layer for the base of the bag. It provides additional protection in the sense that it doesn’t absorb water or sweat as would your typical canvas / nylon Cordura type bags would. This will be of particular value for PT’s and Commercial gym settings; for example:

  1. Outdoor Boot-Camps: No dampness is soaked into the material from use on damp or wet grass.
  2. Easy to clean: Wipe off dirt easy with a damp cloth,
  3. Better hygiene: For multi-person use. The tarpaulin material can be wiped dry and cleaned from sweat and gym bacteria more effectively than a canvass type bag

Our Ballistic Nylon in itself provides the above features and is more superior to most other sandbags that use Cordura / Kodra or equivalent.

You Spoke and We listened: The addition of Tarpaulin came from feedback we received from a few commercial gyms including 12RDS and F45. They advised that when they had back to back high intensity classes, the members who were in the second class felt a bit ‘grossed out’ at times with the damp feeling of peoples sweat from the previous class.

The Cons: The main con is that still many customers liked the softer feel of the nylon bags, especially as the bags age and got even softer. We found that the tarpaulin on the hybrid version is hardly noticeable anyhow. The Ballistic Nylon is a super tough bag and by no means inferior; but we feel for commercial gym settings the best option would be to go with tarpaulin.

Weight Patches

Our bags now come inclusive of weight patches… They show both kg’s and lbs. Catering for commercial gym environments, PT’s and athletes; having an easy reference to how much load is in the bag is desired. The same reason why every other piece of equipment is labelled in the gym. We are the only sandbag manufacturer in the world that includes weight patches.

Weight Patches

Stitched for strength

We know that our bags are gonna cop some heavy abuse and that’s what we have designed them for. Triple stitching with high quality threads where it counts. Furthermore, the all new funnel design is stitched in a way to bolster the strength and make it leakproof.

YKK Zipper Size 10 cropped
YKK Zipper Size 10 cropped

YKK Zipper Size 10

Extra-large size zipper with pull tab and a reputable brand, to ensure our brand is matched with durability and high-end quality.

7 Soft-grip handles

Allows for versatile use; virtually unlimited training options.

Now, in 4 different sizes:

A critical feature of sandbag training is to have the bag filled with the right amount of sand. If it is completely filled; then it is too dense, and you will miss out on the sandbag training effect by having the sand shift within the bag and creating additional inertia. On the other hand, a bag that is under-filled is too floppy and this will also affect the end usability. We have done a lot of testing to finally come up with the right sizes that we now have.

Colour Upgrades

5 different colours, 1 colour for each size bag. The colour will enable quick and easy reference to the different size that you will use for your session or particular exercise.

Small =
Red Desert Sands (Uluru)
7.5-12.5kg (16-28lbs)
Medium =
Bush Green
15kg (33lbs)
Medium-Large = Grey Storm
20-30kg (44-66lbs)
Large =
Deep Ocean Blue
35-50kg (77-110lbs)
Universal Sand-Sack
= Basalt Rock
(Heavy stone)
30-100kg (66-220lbs)

And lastly; introducing our latest addition to the Sandbag Family

The Universal Sand-Sack

Serious strength training with Sandbags has come of age. Our Universal Sand-Sack is adjustable from 40kg to 100kg. Heavy sandbag sacks are born out of strongman training event Atlas Stone lifting. They do have additional versatility and have been created to cater for Dingo Training Systems. As you venture through our performance training system, you will ideally progress to Maximum Strength and Conversion to Power phases of training; it’s here when this Universal Sand-Sack comes more into play. Performing exercises that are key for developing / enhancing athleticism and improving performance.

If you want to be truly athletic, then you need to lift heavy and the Universal Sand-Sack is the solution from a sandbag training perspective.

Typically used for atlas stone pick-ups; the bag can also be used for: Loaded carries, Throws, Presses, Squats, and more. Heavy sandbags are now super popular in CrossFit training, Odd-Object Training, MMA/Judo/Martial Arts and Tactical/Military training.

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